We Make Great Video
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Concept Development

When it comes to creative concepts and out of the box ideas, we've got you covered. We do script writing and storyboarding as well.

Brand Content

At Collective, we pride ourselves on being tech and digital savvy. We provide full production support in creating content for digital platforms such as YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.


Collective provides high quality production services for commercial, TV, film and online content.


Corporate videos

Be it internal, instructional or even fun and celebratory, we’re there for whatever your company needs.

Live Video

Have real-time engaging conversations with your followers on your social media platforms. Live is the best way to interact with viewers, hear what's on their mind and check out their Live Reactions. Reach new audiences in new ways.

Production Servicing

We offer the entire spectrum of production service support for international companies who wish to shoot films in Dubai and the rest of the UAE. 


Event Content

Whether it be an opening film, a video installation or a massive video projection, we can help you create remarkable experiences. 

Animated videos

We offer illustration, graphic design and of course, 2D motion graphics and 3D services to bring your vision to life.

AR & Vr 360 Video

We can create beautiful immersive 360 VR videos, augmented reality layers and interactive virtual reality experiences.


Our Clients