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 Our Story

Collective is a content creation company based in Dubai that specializes in commercial, creative, immersive and "Made for the Internet" content. Founded in 2012 by partners Reem Hameed & Omar Abbas, Collective has created some of the region's most memorable content experiences.

1. Guinness world record - Worlds Largest Aerial Projection Screen

2. RTA immersive VR 360 box

3. National Day Celebrations

4. Hyundai 360 Video (A regional first)

In a nutshell, we’re passionately in love with film and content creation.

Our core collective has extensive experience in the Middle East film production and content creation industry. We believe that as times change, so does the way that content is made.

With this in mind, we created a company that is agile, cutting-edge and quality-focused. For each job, we source an A-Team from our crowd, which enables us to expand teams for large productions or develop multi-talented smaller teams with ease.

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Calling all VO artists.

If you are a VO artist and are interested in joining our database please use the form below to send us your details.


Our Clients